Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Chooses Filecoin for Cutting-Edge Decentralized Data Storage

Decentralized Storage Solutions Gain Momentum Across Scientific Community and Beyond

Data of the future!

In a significant shift towards innovative decentralized storage solutions, the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, a renowned Australian medical organization, has embraced Filecoin as its preferred method for managing its extensive research data repository. This transformative decision marks a departure from conventional cloud storage and on-premises systems and is driven by the remarkable cost-efficiency and robust features of Filecoin.

Institute Overview

Established in 1994 and inaugurated by the late Princess Diana, the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute boasts a team of over 230 scientists working across 23 state-of-the-art laboratories. Their research generates an astonishing 137 terabytes of cardiac data, which was previously managed through conventional storage solutions.

Transition to Filecoin

The transition to Filecoin commenced in September 2022, with the migration of publicly available data starting in November of the same year. Todd Ryman, the institute’s IT director, revealed that the primary motivation behind this shift was the substantial cost savings offered by Filecoin. By utilizing this decentralized storage network, the institute no longer incurs excessive fees from traditional cloud providers when restoring their valuable data.

A Technological Marvel: SyncroPatch Machine

One noteworthy aspect of the institute’s research infrastructure is the SyncroPatch machine, a medical instrument capable of generating a staggering 20,000 data points daily, resulting in weekly data accumulations in the terabytes. Filecoin’s decentralized architecture and its unwavering commitment to data integrity make it an ideal choice for the institute’s unique needs.

Data Security and Integrity

Ryman emphasized, “The decentralized architecture enhances data redundancy and durability, reducing the risk of data loss due to hardware failures or other localized incidents. Filecoin’s use of blockchain technology ensures that data integrity is maintained, making it suitable for preserving valuable research findings.”

The Filecoin Network

Stefaan Vervaet, Head of Network Growth at Protocol Labs, a pivotal contributor to Filecoin, highlighted that the Filecoin network encompasses 3,500 storage provider nodes, referred to as validators, which cryptographically verify on-chain data daily. Crucially, the data, including that of the cardiac institute, is not stored on-chain. Instead, a hash that represents the data is stored on-chain, providing a secure and efficient means of access.

Facilitating Seamless Data Sharing

One of the significant advantages of Filecoin is its ability to facilitate seamless data sharing, a vital requirement in the field of medical science. Researchers can effortlessly access specific datasets without the need for massive data transfers, thereby fostering collaboration and expediting research outcomes while preserving the privacy and security of sensitive datasets.

A Growing Network of Prestigious Clients

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute joins a distinguished list of organizations that have opted for Filecoin, including the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Utah, and prominent Web3 players such as Solana and OpenSea. Currently serving nearly 1,700 clients, Filecoin has successfully onboarded a staggering 1.5 exabytes (EiB) of data, equivalent to 1.7 billion gigabytes, a storage capacity akin to 13.5 million base model iPhones.

A step towards decentralized data

In conclusion, the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute’s adoption of Filecoin represents a transformative step towards decentralized data storage solutions, underscoring the platform’s cost-efficiency, resilience, and data integrity features. As Filecoin continues to empower organizations across various sectors, it reinforces the paradigm shift toward decentralized data management in the digital age.

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