The Fake Genius: a $30 BILLION Fraud.

Blockchain Security - The Fake Genius a $30 BILLION Fraud.

The Fake Genius: a $30 BILLION Fraud.

Sam Bankman-Fried was supposed to be a billionaire genius running the world’s largest Crypto exchange: FTX. In only a few weeks, his $32B empire crumbled, leading to his arrest. In this video, we unravel one of the decade’s most significant cases of financial fraud.


  • Director: James Jani.
  • Creative Producer: Ayaz Ali.
  • Editors: James Jani, @feds.vids.
  • Motion Graphics: Santiago Garcia Ferreyra, Merce Garcia Ferreyra, Nick M, Michael Tantoro, Daniela Varon.
  • Research: Danny Hatcher, James Jani.

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