Why do you hate NFTs?

Why do you hate NFTs?

For some reason we hate what we do not understand. NFTs are certainly misunderstood. – the mainstream media will portray NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as money laundering scams and schemes, and don’t get me wrong, a bunch are. I’ve been robbed of thousands of dollars by “rug pulls” and I still will not give up on this technology! (Blockchain Technology, that is.)

NFTs are the future

NFTs are the future of content. They are the future of security and ensuring transparent secure voting. In the future, NFTs will be as easy to open up as a simple YouTube link. Right now it takes a little know-how to get these things in your “wallet” and to open them. Yes, most of these NFTs are just actually just pictures that do nothing at all. However, some projects (like OURS) utilize the technology for utility. – When you hold our NFT you can open up a members area. We are still building everything by hand but you can get the idea of what is happening here.

Digital assets

We have music NFTs with different levels of utility, some might be just a photo but most of them will give you the ability to stream the song. Some will give you the ability to download the song, and some will allow you to purchase the CD! – We have clothing NFTs that do the same thing.

The majority of everything we do is a NFT, as regulation becomes more clear all of our companies will be divided into NFTs and it will be given to the holders! We are changing the way business is conducted. Decentralization is the future and Non-Fungible Tokens will be at the forefront of almost every transaction you make. – I know, you still hate NFTs.


You hate NFTs because you don’t understand them, and I cant blame you for that. Its not my job to convince you of anything, but to just show you that it exists. Well, it exists..

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